Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Top 5 Design Tips for your Blogs

A blog should impress its visitors to gain loyalty and constant flow of traffic. The design of the blog is essential in terms of attracting readers and visitors toyour site.
Your blog design speaks about what your site is all about and how much effort you exert to build it.
Here are 5 viable tips on how to design your blog – dress up your blog to impress your readers!
Tip #1. Choose the appropriate theme for your blog. Never rely on preinstalled designs for your blog. Try to delve into the archives and search for a better looking theme. Perhaps you can try changing the header, it can make a difference. Surfers in the internet have very short attention span, so you must impress them with your theme.
2. Avoid using dark backgrounds on your blog. Try to use lighter background and black color for your text. In this way, you are not pushing much stress to your readers who are having a hard time dealing with white text and a dark background. Make sure your background suits the theme and tone ofyour blog.
3. Try to make your widgets and ads on a minimum number. If you try to browse the internet, there are a lot of blogs all loaded up with games, widgets and ads and other forms of junks which seemed to clutter the sidebars. With all the widgets in the site, you are compromising the loading time ofyour site.
4. Give ample attention to the content of your website. The site should focus on the content and what your readers may find after going throughyour blog . Stop distracting your visitors by too much widgets and flashy stuffs. Always make your posts accessible and available to all of those who would want to visityour site.
5. Keep in mind that your blog design should have the correct font size. Avoid using very minute font size. You will make your readers push their nose down to the screen if you have very tiny texts onyour blog post. This can be quite visually offending.



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