Monday, January 11, 2010

Manage your feed with FeedBurner : Part 1 – RSS feed


FeedBurner is the leading provider of media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeds. Feedburner help bloggers promote, deliver and profit from our content on the Web. Best of all, it’s a free service and easy to use :)

Fast Facts and Stats about Feedburner

- FeedBurner is growing faster than MySpace and Digg with 385% traffic growth.
- Total feeds: 1,766,370
- Number of publishers: 995,630
- Number of podcast and videocast feeds: 240,797
- Number of subscribers across all FeedBurner feeds: Too many to fit on this page!
- Percent of FeedBurner employees using Macs: 39%, PCs: 58%, Other: 3%.
Do not believe me ? Ok see it here

How to burn your feed

As I said above, it’s easy-like-eat-a-candy :) . Believe me, just follow these steps and you are done
Step 1. Type your blog URL into FeedBurner’s home page then click button Next
feedburner step 1

Step 2. Sign up for a free account. Just enter your username, your password and your email then click button Active Feed
feedburner step 2

Hint : You should choose a feed name which is easy to remember. For example, my site’s name is ThemeLib, so I choose ThemeLib as feedburner address ;)
Note : If you receive this error message, this means you must change your feedburner address because it is already taken.

Step 3. Receive a congrats message from feedburner :) and you are DONE.
feedburner step 3

Bonus Resource : If you have trouble with Feedburner, you can watch their guideline movie

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