Monday, January 11, 2010

Manage your feed with Feedburner : Part 2 – Email Subscription

Introduce to Email Subscription

What is FeedBurner Email?

FeedBurner email is a service that allows publishers to deliver their feed content to subscribers via email.

What will it help bloggers do that they can’t do today?

Today, if subscribers want to read, view or watch syndicated online content, they typically have to go to where the content is hosted or know how to subscribe to the feed and consume the content within a reader (e.g. GoogleReader, iGoogle, Bloglines, MyYahoo!, FeedDemon, iTunes, etc.). With email subscription capability, subscribers can now receive this information in their inbox, similar to an e-newsletter. More convenience and more easier for readers !

How to active your Email Subscription service

We will go through a few steps and you will get what you want :)
Step 1. Login to your account and click on Feed you want to active Email Subscription service
Step 2. Click on the Publicize tab
Manage your feed with FeedBurner

Step 3. Choose Email Subscription on the left sidebar
Manage your feed with FeedBurner
Step 4. Choose your feed deliver
You can choose FeedBurner, FeedBlitz, or Rmail to be your feed-via-email service provider.
I choose Feedburner (we are using their service, heh ? ;) ). Then click button Activate.
Manage your feed with FeedBurner
Step 5. Get your code
They offer us two ways to display the Email Subscription :
  • Subscription Form: Copy and paste the code into any web page. Your subscription form will be automatically inserted each time the page is loaded. From there, readers can subscribe to receive daily email with your newest content.
  • Subscription Link: You can also offer email subscriptions from a link rather than a form. Just copy the link code and insert to your blog. Users who click it will be prompted to enter their email address in the form that appears.
Manage your feed with FeedBurner
Manage your feed with FeedBurner
Hint : If your sidebar’s width is larger than 160px, you should use Subscription Form because a form will attract more readers than a link ;)
Step 6. : Past the code to your blog and DONE.
If you get into any trouble, feel free to ask me here. Have a nice day :)

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